Deciding where to open Humble Pint has been quite a journey but we’re getting closer to nailing down our location! There are a few issues that need to be negotiated but we are SO close.

Friends have been asking if we are going to go the warehouse route of many Austin breweries and so we thought we’d take a few moments to address that. We’ve decided to do something a little different for a couple of reasons and we’d like to share them with you. First and foremost, we want our brewery to be a community gathering place where friends and neighbors can relax together over a nice cold pint of locally crafted beer. Austin has many such spaces but there are not nearly as many in the surrounding areas. We want to create such a place for one of these outlying communities, offering folks a favorite spot to go to when they don’t want to make the trek into Austin. Also, locating outside of Austin allows us to avoid the Industrial Zoning laws that confine Austin brewers to warehouse spaces. The expense of converting such a space is something we plan to avoid by building our brewery in a closed restaurant location that already has the drainage we need, as well as a more inviting atmosphere for our patrons.

So, we’ve been looking around at locations and with the help of a fabulous commercial realtor, we think we may have found our sweet spot! Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for updates as we lock it in and get going on renovations. It’s going to be a blast!

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