…For Our Customers

At Humble Pint Brewing, we want to brew and serve great craft beer in a welcoming, friendly taproom environment to our superb guests.  Those aims should be at the top of any small independent brewery’s list of goals, as they are for us, but we’d like to go a bit further.

…For Our Community

We want to create a place for people to meet and talk about their day, enjoy each other’s company, play a game or two or just give their dog a rest mid-walk.  In short, we want to be a part of the community, and that starts with being good neighbors – both inside our taproom, with our customers, and outside it by getting involved with other local businesses, city leaders and charitable organizations.

…For Our Environment

Humble Pint Brewing takes environmental concerns seriously.  We will constantly work to improve our operation’s impact through recycled/upcycled use of brewing grain, methods for reduced water usage during equipment cleaning, investigation of solar options for powering the brew house and taproom, and analysis of possible alternate uses for other brewing byproducts, such as side-streaming brewery waste water.

Our Story

We’re Jared and Alicia Wennstrom – owners and operators of Humble Pint Brewing! When we moved to Central Texas from our native state of Oregon twenty years ago, we thought the move would be temporary, but we quickly discovered a love for the Austin area and after a time the new friends we’d made became family. The years passed and  “you guys” turned into “y’all”‘s and our summers picking blackberries on the Pacific Coast turned into summers tubing on the Guadalupe River.  Our children grew up on chips and queso and spent hours with glue guns creating three foot long ‘mums for Homecoming.

Texas is a great place to raise kids but we still thought we’d eventually settle in the Pacific Northwest when all was said and done. After our second Texas-born grandchild arrived, however, we realized that Texas was our home and there was no going back! What’s a pair of Oregonians to do when they miss the land of their birth but can’t bear to leave the place and people they’ve grown to love? Open a PNW style brewery so they can share the wonders of the Pacific Northwest with their home away from home, of course!

Humble Pint Brewing Co. is a brewpub that welcomes all beer lovers to its Leander location! They offer a number of their own delicious craft beers as well as house-made artisan pizzas and salads.

The combination of great craft beer, Texas-friendly service and the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of an Oregon-style brewery is sure to be irresistible!