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Hoppy American Wheat Ale
ABV: 6.1% || IBUs: 22

It's been a long, hot, dry Summer.  Every day since mid-June has felt like it was set to EXTREME but, as the season changes, so must our video game metaphor for life.  It's time to play on EASY MODE for a while.  Everyone secretly loves EASY MODE – you have your run of any/every level; you feel supremely capable yet relaxed – who doesn't like that?  What a great way to unwind!
EASY MODE is an American Wheat  ale with a bit of a twist: it's hazy, as one might expect, and soft on the palate with mild bitterness and a distinct malty finish – nothing new there.  But it was brewed with relatively heavy flavor and aroma doses of Belma and Huell Melon hops, together, their melon/berry notes impart a delightful hop character without becoming unapproachable by the wheat beer crowd.


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ABV: 6% || IBUs: 45

Awwww yeah.  You know what time it is.  It's the day when we  typically release beers, and when we release this beer, that's how you know it's a special time.  Monday is the day we brew.  Thursday is trivia day.  But Friday?  That's beer releasin' time – it's BUSINESS TIME, and it's all on!
BUSINESS TIME is Humble Pint's very first brewing collaboration, with our best industry buds at Red Horn!  Together, we designed a light, bright, crispy session pale ale that'll make this Summer a little more tolerable.  BUSINESS TIME is brewed with a blend of Old World Pilsner and base malt, and hopped with NZ Cascade and Mosaic for delicious tropical and trace floral notes and some mild bitterness.
Our version is available in our tap room; Red Horn's version is on tap in theirs – make sure to try both!!


16oz Pint $5.50
2 pk / 16oz Crowlers $11
64oz Growler + Fill $23
Fill Only $19

ABV 3.4% IBU 6.1

Everybody's got some sort of infatuation that, while not really a secret, isn't something they'd necessarily share. Halloween candy on the couch (not a trick-or-treater in sight) on October 30th; binge-watching period British dramas on Netflix. You get the picture. LOWKEY CRUSH reminds us of those pleasures – it's our first sour beer; it's low ABV (by style), and it's…delicate – a stark counterpoint to our big, bold anniversary recipe. LOWKEY CRUSH is a traditional Berliner Weisse, brewed with pilsner malt and very lightly hopped for mild floral and herbal accents. Try it with a shot of fruit syrup for the full experience – heck try it with and without. It's super CRUSHable!! (Syrups available in-house only)

Bigfoot ESB

16oz Pint $6
2pk / 16oz crowlers $12
64oz Growler + Fill $25
Fill Only $21

ABV 4.9%  IBU 33

Bigfoot, the most talked about and least seen denizen of the Pacific Northwest.  It's a fitting metaphor; ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is a bit of a rare style, not often seen or heard from, either.  We think that's unfortunate, since they're delicious and (like Bigfoot) a lot cuddlier than their name implies, so don't be fooled!  "Bitter" is a 19th century term used by the British to distinguish these malt-forward brews from the then-new "pale" style – it's not actually bitter by modern standards.
BIGFOOT ESB is a crisp, sessionable ale brewed with traditional Maris Otter malt, imparting delightful biscuit aroma and flavor, and English First Gold hops for mild fruit notes.  Together, they make a light, malty ale perfect for wiling away the hours on the patio!

Yard’s Done! BLONDE

16oz Pint $5.50
2pk Crowlers $11
64oz Growler + Fill $23
64oz Fill Only $19

4.9% ABV  18 IBU 
This is the beer you'll be reaching for when the mower and edger are finally put away, and you're looking for a crisp, session ale to quench your thirst.
YARD'S DONE! is brewed with pilsner and crystal malts to create a light, clean flavor, but remains true to our PNW roots with all Cascade hops for a  delicate pine and citrus aroma and flavor.


16oz Pint $5.50
2pk / 16oz Crowlers $11
Growler + Fill $23
64oz Fill Only $19

5.5% ABV  9.8 IBU
In Germany, a Spassvogel (or "funbird") is the one friend you can always count on to keep the excitement going.

FUNBIRD is a traditional hefeweizen, brewed with a white wheat and Munich malts, with a modest touch of Hallertauer hops. A special strain of German weissbier yeast gives this ale its distinctive – and delicious – banana and clove flavors.

Grist & Fermentation PALE

16oz. Pint $6
2pk / 16oz Crowlers $12
64oz. Growler + Fill $25
64oz Fill Only $21

6.5% ABV   42 IBU

Pale ale?  IPA?  This one tries harder; it straddles style definitions, and is sure to confound generations of learned scholars to come…maybe.  Initially conceived as a pale ale, this recipe gave us a bigger beer than we bargained for.  Whatever you call it, be sure to sip one – maybe two for good measure – before making up your mind!

GRIST & FERMENTATION is a delightful, easy drinker.  Like all good pale ales, balance is key and Victory, Cara-Pils and pale ale malts deliver a strong backbone.  Mosaic tops the hop aromas and flavors with pine resin and tropical fruit, all backed by Citra , Vic Secret and a hint of Idaho #7 in the dry hop.

Guest Taps

We didn't brew it but…boy, is it good!

New! Texas Keeper No.1 – Dry Cider

11oz. Glass $6.50

Texas Keeper No.1 Small Batch Cider   7%ABV

From TX Keeper Cider: "Texas Keeper No. 1 is our flagship cider. It’s crafted from 3-12 apple varieties fermented individually and blended to build a well-balanced, dry cider with notes of ripe pear and melon, subtle rosewater and honeysuckle, with a crisp green apple finish."