SLOPPY KISSES #3 - Tart Cherry Milkshake IPA

7.5% ABV / 46 IBUs
SLOPPY KISSES was a love letter to our supporters on our first anniversary, in every way we could express with a beer (it was even pink, for crying out loud!) and we decided to stick with the theme last year and this year as well. We're another year in and we are still SO grateful for the support you've shown us. SLOPPY KISSES III is hopped with copious quantities of Mosaic & Idaho #7, but we didn't stop there; we added a bag of lactose for a creamy, smooth mouth feel. Donezo? Nope. We then added a huge amount of Sour Cherry puree to this monster, imparting an amazing rich flavor and a touch of tartness.

Grate Expectations - Carrot Cake Sour

6.5% ABV / 5 IBUs
*SPECIAL RELEASE: Taproom Only *
Who doesn't think about carrot cake when they think about beer? Oh... Well, WE DO! It's an idea that's been rattling around in the brewer's addled brain for more than a little while and we finally pulled the pin and went for it. Yes, we know it's weird - we think that's part of its charm - but it's also delicious, and when else do you get to enjoy an orange beer?!
GRATE EXPECTATIONS has a light-bodied malt bill of pilsner and base malt, and is delicately hopped with Czech Saaz, but that's just the start. With 220lb of carrot puree, fresh vanilla, dark brown sugar and a heavy dose of lactose, we don't think you'll need to see a dessert menu after enjoying one (or two)! NOTE 1: This is not an early April Fool's prank! NOTE 2: Humble Pint cannot confirm or deny you will be able to see better in the dark after sampling GRATE EXPECTATIONS

Red Eirinn

The Red Eirinn - IRISH RED

5.0% ABV / 30 IBUs
We’ll open up with an apology to any Gaelic speakers in our audience for the potentially problematic use of the genetive form of “ÉIRE”. Sadly, “THE RED ÉIRE” simply doesn’t sound like “THE RED BARON”, which is what we’re shooting for. We are but a simple brewpub in need of a name for this beer - we got desperate; we took a chance. Those responsible have been sacked. This deep ruby ale is bound to delight your palate with loops and barrel-rolls of roast and caramel flavor, along with a mild tailwind of toasted bread or biscuit flavor. THE RED ÉIRINN is flavored with roasted barley, biscuit and Munich malts, and hopped to a mildly assertive bitterness using U.K. Fuggle and U.S. Golding.

Yard's Done

Yard's Done - BLONDE ALE

5.2% ABV / 19 IBUs
This is the beer you’ll be reaching for when the mower and edger are finally put away, and you’re looking for a crisp, session ale to quench your thirst. YARD’S DONE! is brewed with pilsner and crystal malts to create a light, clean flavor, but remains true to our PNW roots with all Cascade hops for a delicate pine and citrus aroma and flavor.

Funbird Hefeweizen


5.3% ABV / 9.8 IBUs
In Germany, a Spassvogel (or “funbird”) is the one friend you can always count on to keep the excitement going, FUNBIRD is a traditional hefeweizen, brewed with white wheat and Munich malts, with a modest touch of Hallertauer hops. A special strain of German weissbier yeast gives this ale its distinctive – and delicious -banana and clove flavors

Grist & Fermentation


6.5% ABV / 42 IBUs
Pale ale? IPA? This one tries harder; it straddles style definitions, and is sure to confound generations of learned scholars to come...maybe. Initially conceived as a pale ale, this recipe gave us a bigger beer than we bargained for. Whatever you call it, be sure to sip one - maybe two for good measure - before making up your mind! GRIST & FERMENTATION is a delightful, easy drinker. Like all good pale ales, balance is key and Victory, Cara-Pils and pale ale malts deliver a strong backbone. Mosaic tops the hop aromas and flavors with pine resin and tropical fruit, all backed by Citra , Vic Secret and a hint of Idaho #7 in the dry hop..