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  • Ein Kleines Märzen – OKTOBERFEST Märzen

    • 16oz. PINT $5.50
    • 2 pk/ 16oz Crowlers $11
    • Growler - Fill Only $19

    Days are becoming cooler, and the leaves will soon be turning color.  The patio beckons.  It's Oktober, and time for a festive Fall lager – "a little märzen", perhaps.  If you couldn't make it to Munich this year, we invite you to come and enjoy Oktoberfest with Humble Pint!
    EIN KLEINES MÄRZEN is a light, malty blend of German Pilsner, Munich, Victory, and white wheat grains hopped with Hallertauer and Czech Saaz.  Malty and infinitely quaffable, this is a small batch so get some while it lasts. Don't forget to pick up a limited Humble Pint 2nd Annual Oktoberfest shirt while you're at it!

  • Sunny Deckwether – AMERICAN SOUR

    • 11oz Glass $5.50
    • 2pk/16oz Crowlers $11
    • 64oz Growler - Fill Only $25

    It was the end of Summer, and craft beer enthusiasts cried out for something refreshing to enjoy while lounging on the patio, soaking up the last of the season's warmth. Exhausted by tropical IPAs and light lagers, they'd almost given up hope when who should arrive to save the day? Why, SUNNY DECKWETHER, of course! "We want something tart!", cried some. "We want something fruity!", shouted others. "We want the early Fall weather in Central Texas to last FOREVERRRRRRR!" they all shouted in unison. "Hold my beer." whispered SUNNY.

    SUNNY DECKWETHER is a fruited American sour using predominantly tangerine puree from Oregon Fruit, with 25% peach puree, adding body and a light degree of sweetness. It's brewed with pilsner and white wheat malts, a modest kettle addition of Citra, and fermented with Kölsch yeast. Come and enjoy a SUNNY DECKWETHER with us and help build SUNNY's legend!

  • Crispy Creek HELLES LAGER

    • 16 oz. Pint $5.50
    • 2pk / 16oz. Crowlers $11
    • 64oz Growler + Fill $23
    • Fill Only $19

    5.2% ABV   20 IBU

    Light and crisp, with a little sweetness and a lot of great malt flavor combined with a classic, clean finish.  That's a helles lager in a nutshell.  It's a beer sought largely for its simplicity and delicate balance, lightly hopped and designed for freshness and afternoons on the patio enjoying friends, family, games, sunsets – you name it!
    CRISPY CREEK HELLES is brewed with BestMalz pilsen malt, Magnum bittering and Willamette flavoring hops for a gently assertive peppery, fruity character.  Come on by let yourself drift on CRISPY CREEK!
  • Funbird HEFEWEIZEN

    • 16oz Pint $5.50
    • 2pk / 16oz Crowlers $11
    • Growler + Fill $23
    • Fill Only $19

    5.5% ABV  9.8 IBU
    In Germany, a Spassvogel (or "funbird") is the one friend you can always count on to keep the excitement going.

    FUNBIRD is a traditional hefeweizen, brewed with a white wheat and Munich malts, with a modest touch of Hallertauer hops. A special strain of German weissbier yeast gives this ale its distinctive – and delicious – banana and clove flavors.

  • Bigfoot ESB

    • 16oz Pint $5.50
    • 2pk / 16oz crowlers $11
    • 64oz Growler + Fill $23
    • Fill Only $19

    ABV 4.9%  IBU 33

    Bigfoot, the most talked about and least seen denizen of the Pacific Northwest.  It's a fitting metaphor; ESB (Extra Special Bitter) is a bit of a rare style, not often seen or heard from, either.  We think that's unfortunate, since they're delicious and (like Bigfoot) a lot cuddlier than their name implies, so don't be fooled!  "Bitter" is a 19th century term used by the British to distinguish these malt-forward brews from the then-new "pale" style – it's not actually bitter by modern standards.
    BIGFOOT ESB is a crisp, sessionable ale brewed with traditional Maris Otter malt, imparting delightful biscuit aroma and flavor, and English First Gold hops for mild fruit notes.  Together, they make a light, malty ale perfect for wiling away the hours on the patio!

  • The Red Éireann IRISH RED ALE

    • 16oz Pint $5.75
    • 2pk / 16oz Crowlers $11.50
    • 62oz Growler + Fill $24
    • Fill Only $20

    5.0% ABV  30 IBU

    We’ll open up with an apology to any Gaelic speakers in our audience for the potentially problematic use of the genetive form of “ÉIRE”.  Sadly, “THE RED ÉIRE” simply doesn’t sound like “THE RED BARON”, which is what we’re shooting for.  We are but a simple brewpub in need of a name for this beer – we got desperate; we took a chance.  Those responsible have been sacked.
    This deep ruby ale is bound to delight your palate with loops and barrel-rolls of roast and caramel flavor, along with a mild tailwind of toasted bread or biscuit flavor.  THE RED ÉIREANN is flavored with roasted barley, biscuit and Munich malts, and hopped to a mildly assertive bitterness using U.K. Fuggle and U.S. Golding.



    • 16 oz. Pint $6.50
    • 2pk / 16oz Crowler $13
    • 64 oz. Growler + Fill $27
    • 64 oz. Fill Only $23

    Hazy West Coast IPA
    ABV: 7.2% || IBUs: 62

    "What would happen if we brewed a hazy New England style IPA with the color and hop characteristics of a West Coast IPA?"  Intrigued?  So were we, so we went for it.  We like the result.  A lot.  We hope you will, too!
    THE NBT is brewed with pilsner, pale ale and caramel malts, giving it its deeper-than-your-usual NEIPA color.  For hops, we chose Azacca cryo, a LOAD of Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra to finish.  The result is a bit dank, a lot resinous, and just enough tropical to maintain street cred with the haze police!

  • OUTLOOK: Cloudy #3 HAZY IPA

    • 16oz Pint $6.50
    • 2pk/16oz Crowlers $13
    • 64oz Growler + Fill $27
    • Fill Only $23

    7.5% ABV    55 IBU

    We decided on a little different route with this one. A bit softer; a bit more mellow, but nuanced and very tasty. If you can't tell, we're having a lot of fun with this series! Having a way to tweak just the hops is a pretty great way to grow our knowledge while providing delicious variety to our friends!

    OUTLOOK: CLOUDY #3 uses the same malt bill as the other turns. It's hopped with a sizable dose of Cashmere in the whirlpool, a light dose of Azacca cryo (love that stuff!) at knockout, and *liberally* with Cashmere and El Dorado in successive dry hop charges. The flavor is complex, consisting of citrus, melon and tropical fruit. Come and tell us what *you* think about it!

  • Guest Taps

    We didn't brew it but…boy, is it good!

  • Original Dry Cider – Austin Eastciders

    • 16oz Pint $ 5

    5% ABV

    By popular demand….here's a little something for our gluten-free and "I don't like beer" folks! Cider for grown-ups by the fabulous Austin Eastciders!